New designs with hot glass ……..

Lampworker Barbara Desvaux of Studio44Mauritius shares her passion and experiences in working with molten glass to make handmade beads

Green shell bracelet Ivory and pink shell bracelet

Hello there

Since yesterday I have had lots of fun (and frustration at times) with getting the hang of my new glass molds. Above are photos of my first two shell bracelets which, I must admit, were great fun to make. The footprint (i.e. the width of the glass on the steel mandrel) has to be perfect to get a good result. Too short and the holes are not nicely formed and too big and there is a ridge around the holes. Its a case of marking the mandrel with a waterproof pen and then quickly adding two very tiny circles of glass to mark the distance required.

After a few beads, one’s eye seems to log into the amount of glass required to fill the mold. Better too little though than too much! One can add more quite easily, but too much means pulling glass off and perhaps ruining a pattern on the bead.

I prefer to heat the glass to a glowing orange before pressing as it gives me a second to ensure that the mandrel is lying in a good line before putting the top of the mold on and pressing.

Today I have been making pillows, and my next post will be some of the bracelets I have made with those.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them, although I am no expert in the matter.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your day or evening, depending on where you are geographically.

The more I work with molds, the more I enjoy doing so. Can one become hooked? I think so.

Talk to you soon.

Author: Studio44Mauritius

My passion is lamp working (flame working). I use rods of Italian glass which I melt in the flame to produce my glass beads which are used in our jewelry, cutlery, keyring, etc. Studio 44 Mauritius, The Craft Centre, Cap Malheureux Road, Calodyne. Website:

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