Oh Gaia, how you torment me!

Have you ever tried to get a silver glass to do its thing and it simply refuses. Gaia is one of the Double Helix colours which I purchased at least one year ago, but have simply never had the time to sit down and play with in the flame. I get some reduction from it, but not what I would expect. Reduction colours are those which need a more gas rich flame to bring out the metallic lustre of rainbow colours. I read somewhere yesterday that the glass needs to be cooled and then brought back to red hot to do the trick. I shall have to try this tomorrow. However Triton still remains my favourite. So easy to reduce and so,reliable – like a loyal friend who never lets me down. Do you have any favourite reduction colours?

Author: Studio44Mauritius

My passion is lamp working (flame working). I use rods of Italian glass which I melt in the flame to produce my glass beads which are used in our jewelry, cutlery, keyring, etc. Studio 44 Mauritius, The Craft Centre, Cap Malheureux Road, Calodyne. Website: http://www.studio44mauritius.com.

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