Four months later …..

Well, its almost four months to the day since we moved our home to Calodyne and moved our business into the building in front of the house. We are now just past the restaurant At Linda’s Place in Calodyne and just after the nursery school.

If you haven’t tried the food at Linda’s then you are missing a treat. She is an excellent cook and will take good care of you whether you eat in the restaurant or order take-away or ask her to do the catering for a dinner or event. She is a kind, generous person and has become a good friend.

So wonderful to go 10 steps from the front door of the house into the studio and be saved the 30 minute drive on tiny winding roads from Roches Noires to Calodyne twice a day. The advantages of living and working on one property definitely outweigh the disadvantages. At the moment we are busy with new designs and increasing stock levels and its great to be able to start early and work late without thinking of the drive home with the oncoming headlights on bright!!! Why don’t drivers here appreciate the danger of blinding oncoming traffic? Is it a lack of appreciation or is it just selfishness? Anyway, we count our blessings every day.

I find frankly that whether one lives on the same premises or far away from the studio one’s thoughts and conversations are unavoidably on “what’s the priority for tomorrow?” or “I have just had an idea for a new design”. We are a husband and wife team and do everything ourselves. Once the business grows, we may employ someone to help us.

We have had to establish a garden from scratch and it is progressing well. With all the rain we had in July and August the grass has taken and the newly created and planted beds are showing new growth. The Barberton daisies are happy in their new home, having been planted originally in a bed without sufficient sunlight, and we should have our second flower open tomorrow. Amazing to see how plant growth is stimulated in spring.

We are also living a healthier happier life and getting rid of some excess kilos. Being able to prepare healthy salads for lunch and using the time previously spent driving to take long walks after work.

Luckily we have an excellent costing and inventory program – of course, that is IF one does not get over excited (as I often tend to do) and move new designs from my creation table directly into the showroom. With the end of the year stocktake done in June, I am really trying hard to be disciplined and keep the figures up to date!

We are both grateful to be able to follow our passion and do what we love most. An added bonus is to meet so many lovely people from all over the world. And its very encouraging when they enjoy the bead making demonstrations and remark on the relaxed, happy atmosphere in the studio.

We now both have large, airy and well organized working areas and the showroom is really attractive with plenty of space to show everything to advantage. It took us a whole month to get the electrical wiring completely redone; to dismantle our showroom cabinets in the old shop and move and modify them to fit the new shop. And thank goodness I had my good friend Patricia to help with the unpacking of the stock onto the shelves. What would I have done without her!!! Physical and moral support and lots of good laughs amid the groans about our aching backs.

The new showroom is on a sharp bend and therefore affords a fantastic view of our display windows.  Its impossible not to see us and we have many locals and tourists alike who come in to see what we do. The whole shopfront affords ample parking for cars and tourist vans alike. We hope more of them will stop so that people can experience the wonderful world of creating with glass!

We are currently introducing RHODIUM finishes to our range. Working with our local manufacturing jeweler we are now adding a rhodium coating to our silver plated range. Rhodium holds the distinction of being the world’s most expensive precious metal. It is about as nonreactive as gold. Some of the most expensive consumer items in the world are made from Rhodium.

Discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, who isolated it from platinum. He was also the discoverer of palladium.

Rhodium costs about six times as much as gold by weight. 80 per cent of the world’s rhodium comes from South Africa and world production of the metal is only about 20 tons per year. Rhodium plated jewelry should be cleaned with a mixture of mild liquid shampoo and a little water. Never use chemical cleaners on rhodium plated items, or ultrasonic cleaners that utilize chemicals. Do not use polishing cloths intended for use on gold or silver jewelry.

It is the answer for those who are allergic to silver!

Well, this coming week is going to be really busy! Lots of beads to make! Lots of making up of jewelry designs to do!

Have a great week everyone. Whatever you do, enjoy it!

I tried to post a photo of our new shop. You can see it on our STUDIO44MAURITIUS Facebook page or on our website



Author: Studio44Mauritius

My passion is lamp working (flame working). I use rods of Italian glass which I melt in the flame to produce my glass beads which are used in our jewelry, cutlery, keyring, etc. Studio 44 Mauritius, The Craft Centre, Cap Malheureux Road, Calodyne. Website:

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